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Kwabena Tumaini Wraps Up 2012 By Guest Lecturing At Dewey High School

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Jan 1, 2013 – (Oakland, CA) Kelly Miller educator Kwabena Tumaini wrapped up his 2012 speaking season with a guest lecture for poet Jasmine Hudson’s Dewey High School after school program. Friday marks, “Fresh Faces” at Dewey High School so Tumaini presented his piece on destiny, goal setting, and critical thinking skills. “Giving back to […]

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Why Teachers Need a Representative Voice in Policy Making


Whether you’re a teacher in Watts or the Bronx, as both of us were, all educators share the monumental responsibility of having to make important decisions that impact the lives and educational development of countless children inside their classrooms. As second and tenth grade teachers, we understood that to be truly effective educators, we were […]

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Instructional Strategies

According to key indicator 4.3 which is listed under INSTASC standard 4, the teacher candidate assumes different roles in the instructional process (instructor, facilitator, coach, audience) to accommodate content, purpose, and learner needs. Math and science are two fields that can assist students in other subjects because of the inquiry and understanding it requiress to […]

Wanted: Black Teachers

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Black African Graduation Celebration at SF State Universtiy – Class of 2009 – Jabulani!

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Impacting News

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Tumaini Prepares for 1st Year Teaching

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The 2012-2013 school year is getting ready to start and teachers across the country are preparing for an astonishing year. Tumaini recently accepted an offer to teach 4, 5 and 6th grade Math in Washington D.C. He notes, “I’m very excited about the first day of school because I get an opportunity to continue my […]

10 Colleges That Receive the Most Applications

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Of the 1,311 schools that reported application data in an annual survey conducted by U.S. News, the average college received 5,948 applications for fall 2010 admissions—an increase of more than 400 applications from the year before. Schools that were designated by U.S. News as Unranked were not considered for this report. U.S. News did not […]

Kelly Miller Middle School Professional Development Day

Washington, DC –  Kelly Miller Middle School Leaders on Monday April 15, 2013 supplemented a day of preparation for the DC-CAS with Professional Development day. This annual practice entails a daylong series of events geared towards helping educators develop their skills and techniques within the profession. Head Principal, Abdullah Zaki requested for staff members to […]

African Children Need ‘Education Friendly’ Laws to Thrive


DAKAR, SENEGAL — A new study finds opportunities for millions of children around the world are being limited by the failure of governments to enact adequate policy measures in areas seen as vital to a child’s healthy development. Researchers say this is particularly true in Africa, where critical gaps exist between what can be done […]

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